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Maitre'D e-Global

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Maitre'D e-Global offers an advanced corporate solution

Maitre'D e-Global solution is built to help corporate head office manage multiple locations, and multiple concepts. This solution supplies business intelligence to help restaurateurs effectively manage their growing business. Maitre'D 8.0 offers a host of new features and benefits, including:

  • e-Global can be installed at the corporate head office, or offered as a web-based application. The web-based version allows users to access the application, their data and reports from anywhere and at any time of day
  • Global reporting and drill-down capabilities, all the way to the restaurant level
  • Enhanced user interface (UI) makes Maitre'D easy to setup, learn, use, and maintain
  • Category and grouping options all make managing multiple concepts/regions/locations effortless
  • Ability to view settings for a specific restaurant or for a group of restaurants and comparison views help to identify differences at a glance
  • Enhanced broadcasting features empower users to make menu and price changes for any restaurant or group of restaurants in real-time, at the end of the day or at any custom date and time

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