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Tight controls in fast environments

Security and speed – these are the distinctive ingredients of any Bar, Pub and or Club management solution. Through Maitre'D POS systems, bar and nightclub customers get the rapid service they want, while you get the inventory and cash accountability you need.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

You need to control your bar without compromising your speed. Maitre'D POS solutions deliver fast close tender keys, rapid "Last Round" re-ordering functions, and quick tab-to-table order transfers. Happy Hour pricing can be enforced automatically, and bar tabs can be established with a simple swipe of a customer's credit card while using Maitre'D bar POS system features.

Inventory controls and security

Maitre'D keeps a watchful eye on your bar inventory – and your money. Special logon controls reduce lost/stolen cash risks while optional Video Tracking Systems monitor POS stations. For 24-hour bar inventory control, Maitre'D's real time inventory system links directly to liquor control systems – managers can ensure that every ounce of liquor poured is accounted for.


Get the business intelligence you need to master performance and profits from your bar or nightclub. Maitre'D offers hundreds of customisable reporting options that measure staff service quality...detail voids, discounts and promotions...reveal the most popular sales items...monitor profit margins... and automate end-of-day processes.

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