Who’s Driving Your Loyalty?

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The consumer today faces so many undifferentiated, acceptable, and ever-changing alternatives, retail must continue to move ahead in order to stand still.

Make sure your customer is in the driver seat!

Why you should consider a Loyalty and Rewards Programs

-Loyalty programs serve a critical role in developing relationships, stimulating usage,and retaining customers.

-Loyalty programs provide cumulative economic incentives to those who buy the brand.

-Loyalty programs are a great measure to maintain your customer base and not lose customers to a competitor. A loyalty program may not attract many new customers but it is a deterrent from customers joining a competitor’s program.

-A unique loyalty program may move your business from an awareness set in a consumer’s mind to a consideration or choice set.

-Loyalty programs provide customers with financial incentives. Customers may make additional purchases in order to reach a higher tier of rewards.

-Loyalty programs can also offer incentives for bringing friends and family into the program.

-Use your loyalty program to create a customer database, building up a market profile for future marketing campaigns and customer profiling.

-Think outside the square and consider using your loyalty program for a marketing alliance with another company, this develops a sense of identity by all members sharing in the same rewards program.

-Loyalty programs drive customer’s attachment to a brand or store including behavioural responses such as repeat purchases.  If you want to loyalize a customer, identify specific needs and preferences your customers have communicated to you in some way, and deliver on that need.

 Loyalty Facts

The largest loyalty program in Australia is flybuys, established in 1994 and owned by Coles. It has more than 10 million cardholders in over 5.5 millionAustralian households.

                  – Speedy, Blair (17 February 2011). “Coles supermarket to overhaul FlyBuys scheme”. The Australian. Retrieved 27 February 2011.

More than half the U.S. (adult) population currently participates in at least one loyalty program.

—R. Kivetz and I. Simonson, “The Idiosyncratic Fit Heuristic: Effort Advantage as a Determinant of Customer Response to Loyalty Programs,” Journal of Marketing Research,40, 4 (454–467.

At CHSPOS our Clic Rewards loyalty system provides your business with a first class ‘live’ centralised customer rewards program that allows you, your staff and your customers to access their Clic Rewards account via your website. There is also an option for full integration with our Clic Online Ordering system. Your customers are rewarded with a seamless customer rewards experience at any of your stores, contact us for a demo sales@chspos.com.au or call 1300 308 603

Graphic Design & Web

Custom Hospitality Services can assist with some of the components of your marketing, such as:

  • The graphic design aspects
  •  Print mailer campaigns – from artwork to print management
  • Online development of web pages
  • Web forms that collect data
  • eMail HTML artwork, coding, and then distribution to your target audience.

We have run many successful campaigns, and can advise on building of your customer database as well as make recommendations on some of your marketing management and strategies.

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