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Rewards bring them back for more

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When it comes to driving profitable sales growth, reinforcing your brand and strengthening customer relationships, Clic Rewards can help you identify the best solution for your business. By introducing a Clic Rewards Rewards program it is widely known to increase customer satisfaction while increasing your revenue along with giving you the opportunity to know exactly who your customers are.

Clic Rewards will provide you a first class 'live' centralised customer rewards program that allows you, your staff and your customers to access their Clic Rewards account via your website. Your customers are rewarded with a seamless customer rewards experience at any of your stores.

The possibilities are endless

  • You can customise how points are accrued
  • You can increase the value of money that is loaded on to the card.
  • You can load money on to an existing customer card
  • You can use it as a Gift card
  • You can award points/money on particular items, groups of items, stores, dates and times
  • With our SQL Customer Database there are no limits on the number of customers, number of stores or the number of transactions
  • Full integration with Clic Online Ordering
  • Your customers can access and update their details via your website
  • Self sign up
  • Customised reporting and exports

What some of the experts say!

Increased customer rewards drives long-term profitability more than any other strategic factor. In fact, Frederick Reichheld, author of "The Rewards Effect," estimates that companies can boost profits by almost 50% by retaining just 5% more of their customers.

These programs offer retailers the best opportunity to extend their relationship beyond the sales transaction to create an ongoing dialogue with targeted consumers, promote brand loyalty and increase the volume of sales from existing customers.

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