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Maitre'D web-based business monitoring tool, the DataBoard®, is used by restaurateurs to help take full advantage of the Internet to maximize business efficiency. The only requirement for the DataBoard® is an Internet connection. This system provides managers the ability to access critical information anytime.

Customized alerts for bar owners

Make timely decisions before it's too late with the help of real time alerts. The Alert function allows you to receive important messages on your business instantaneously via a cellular phone or email. Alerts can be customized to meet your specific operational needs.

  • Monitor critical information such as voids, discounts, sales and costs
  • Select which locations should be monitored for each alert
  • A practical alert wizard assists users in configuring new alerts in a few easy steps


Have more control over costs and profits, as the DataBoard® provides a large array of predefined reports. Reports can be configured to monitor any specific data. For example, it is possible to keep track of sales figures for a new item or track discounts.

  • Reports can be sent in real-time or at the end of the day, and they are accessible from any web browser at any time
  • All reports can be exported to Excel

File publishing

File publishing allows users to share documents and files of any format. This feature helps improve communication throughout the organization. For instance, this function can be used to share a new policy manual in a given company.

  • Simple to upload new files, or edit and delete existing files
  • Ability to upload and share any type of file, including Microsoft Office files, PDF, images, etc.
  • Any Back-Office report can be published on the DataBoard® in any format desired by the user


The DataBoard® can display a visual image of information on your web browser based on selected criteria. Historic data, sales, costs and comparisons are available in the graphics section. Several filters exist to help the user customize graphs.

Administrator functions

The administrator can define each user's access to the information provided by the DataBoard®. User profiles can be created to provide different levels of access to the application's features.

  • Benefit from increased security by creating several levels of passwords
  • Unlimited number of users

Multi-unit organizations

The DataBoard® is scalable to help efficiently manage your growing business. It allows the administrator to add restaurants and group restaurants in any desired way.

  • Reports can show detailed information for any location, or even consolidated information for all locations, if the user settings allow them to view data from all locations
  • The alert function can also monitor operations in several or all locations

Software updates

The DataBoard® can provide information on software versions and service packs installed in each restaurant of a chain. This function allows operators to efficiently manage the technology in their stores. Software updates (service packs) can be broadcast to any location via the DataBoard®, and send a message along with the update to communicate that changes were made at the store level.

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