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Integrated Video & Security

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In any business security is of vital importance, The specialised day & night cameras capture the ideal images with till tape overlays, enabling quick search capability to any till or time of day.
Together with the customer loyalty module, quickly identify why customers have not returned to your venue, identify possible overcharging, stock shrinkages and many other scenarios.

Multi Camera Captures

Allowing you to capture video from up to 32 cameras the CHS POS Security is the ultimate business-monitoring tool. Digital Video Surveillance integrated with your POS system not only gives you the ability to monitor your operations from anywhere with Internet access, it also allows you to track activity by transaction and perform digital screen captures. Our integrated DVS is the best way to get a detailed knowledge of what's going on at your restaurant without having to be there.
Integrated DVS Specifications:

  • Directly integrates with your Maitre' D POS System
  • Integrated data mining capability
  • Monitor your location(s) from anywhere with Internet access
  • Performs real-time digital screen captures
  • 32 ports provides an accurate real-time picture
  • Proprietary Technology fully serviced and supported by CHS POS
  • Hardware Compression

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