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A rapid way to increase efficiency, improve service

In a fast food environment, it's all about speed – the rapid fulfilment of your customers' orders in a way that's fast and simple for your staff. Maitre'D Quick Service Solutions provide a robust platform for day-in, day-out use. User-friendly flexibility lets you customise screens or add peripherals, such as bar code readers or customer displays, with ease.


When you're face to face with customers in a fast-food setting, you need a system that won't let you – or them – down. Our built in redundancy features keep you up and running even if the server fails. To accelerate fast food service at the POS, our software functions include "break-in" keys for multiple customer service, support for multiple drive-thru windows, and speed of service reports to document performance.

Delivery & dispatch features

Hit the road with a full-function delivery screen that can juggle phone orders, running totals, multiple guest checks, and order modifications on open orders – all at once. Our features even manage your most precious commodity: time. With Maitre'D Quick Service Solutions and integration with Microsoft MapPoint, you can distribute deliveries evenly and accurately to meet the fast food standards your customers demand.

Kitchen video system

Counter speed depends on kitchen performance. That's why you can complement Maitre'D Quick Service Solutions with our kitchen monitor software that gives your customer service staff greater control over order efficiency. Through tight integration with the Maitre'D Quick Service Solutions our kitchen software can offer valuable video features and provide more comprehensive reporting.

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