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Featuring a flexible Report Centre that offers hundreds of precise reports in several languages, Maitre'D Back-Office tracks sales, inventory, labour and electronic funds transfer in real-time. Maitre'D provides a relevant picture of your daily operations, with the ability to customise reports to manage your restaurant more efficiently and lower costs.

  • Automatic End-of-Day reports: Maitre'D can process and print selected of reports at the end of the day automatically
  • Export reports to a 3rd party application automatically at the end of the day
  • Custom report lists can be set up to help you easily access the reports you need periodically

Using Microsoft SQL Database technology, Maitre'D guarantees the highest level of performance & scalability, powerful reporting tools, and security & confidentiality with built-in data encryption of sensitive data. Also:

  • No limit on the amount of historical data you can keep
  • Built-in auditing tools for better tracking and controls.


For increased security, built-in redundancy features will help assure that your operations keep running smoothly even if the system server goes down, so you will never lose any data nor experience any down-time.

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