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Table Service Solutions

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At your restaurant, make exceptional service part of every customer's experience

Customers want a restaurant experience that complements the quality of their meal. Maitre'D Table Service Solutions help your restaurant staff meet your customers' demands, from ordinary requests to extraordinary orders. Fast, flexible and packed with convenient POS features, Table Service Solutions increase restaurant floor efficiency while decreasing staff training costs.


Split bills? Special orders? On the fly changes or rapid commands to Hold or Fire? Any and all of these can be accommodated easily through regular workstations or handheld POS devices. With Table Service Solutions, your waiters can handle any order from the restaurant floor, while managers have access to workstation functions that keep them in control of the restaurant wherever they are.

Labour management

See and set employee schedules at a glance. Our graphical "time sheet" display provides accurate time and attendance data for each employee, helping you calculate staffing labor needs and reduce labour costs.

Table management

Managing the restaurant floor lets you manage your customers' expectations. The Maitre'D Floor Management module gives you command of the waiting list, allowing you to distribute diners to wait staff with ease. Special Status Indicator functions lets you know if each table is being serviced to the standards you set for maximum performance and customer satisfaction.

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