Main Features

Management of customer,supploers

Client services Management

Sehedule management

Staff resources

Debtors management

Client’s history information

Services and item packages

Appointments overview

Employees assignment by skill set

Configuration of employees’ shifts

Advanced Statistics

Centralised management for multiple stores

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Manage The Schedule Of Your Hair Salon And/Or Beauty Center

Manage and view appointments that you’ve received in an easy, intuitive and quick way. You will be able to assign services to a hairdresser at a specific hour or day for a specific employee with the necessary time to carry out that service.

With HioPOS Cloud POS System you will be able to view the calendar by daily and employee options. You can assign the same appointment to different employees depending on the services that have been selected.

Organise Your Employee Schedules

Assign different schedules and shifts to employees to manage future appointments allowing easy viewing of their workday.

Additionally, with HioPOS Cloud you will be able to configure the working days/hours of the salon, as well as holidays and employee exceptions, these will be reflected in the calendar.

Assign Services By Employee

Determine the employees’ group according to their specialty in order to assign employees with the appropriate skills for the different services required.

Thanks to this functionality you will be able to filter and view the calendar according to the employee pre-determined specialty.

Assign Appointments And Manage Your Client’s History

Book client’s appointment quickly and easily, you will be able to visualise  from the calendar to whom that appointment corresponds to as well as the duration of it.

With HioPOS Cloud you can access to the client’s history to see the previous services as well as what products have been bought and also the last employee who attended that customer.

There is an option of creating an appointment without having to assign a client if it is a walk-in client. This appointment will be invoiced directly without having to schedule it.

Appointment Confirmation

Clients will be able to make appointments from your website or App. An appointment confirmation will be sent by email, automatically, to a customer who has scheduled a service. The client can also check the salons information, access to the location from Google Maps and synchronize the appointment with Google Calendar or with the calendar of your Smartphone.

With HioPOS Cloud, you will reduce the number of failed appointments, increase the level of loyalty of your customers and improve the professional image of your business.

Create And Manage Your Packs

Create and customize the packs that your center offers in order to avoid having to check the services and the duration of them at each appointment.

With HioPOS Cloud you will be able to select which services make up the pack and which days of the week are available. Add the services into your database without having to create them again.

Inventory Management

Organise, plan and control your inventory with HioPOS Cloud tools which have been designed to streamline your purchasing and inventory control management.

You will be able to check detailed statistics of all the purchases filtering by groups, items and much more. Some of the management tools include a stock audit report with initial stock, purchases, sales, waste and closing stock for each item.

Determine The Duration Of The Service

With HioPOS Cloud, you will be able to determine the duration of each service that your hairdresser offers. This will allow you to control the duration of appointments as well as organise appointments and employees easily and accurately.

Integrate Card Payment Gateway

Link HioPOS Cloud with a PinPad POS hardware device to collect payments by card. This would enable you to streamline sales and avoid manual mistakes by not having to re-type the amount of the sale on the PinPad

Business Real Time Information

Browse your business information from any location and device with a single click thanks to KPIs, tables, cubes and graphs. With HioPOS Analytics you can compile, analyze and transform information for strategic decision making in real time.

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