“With several years experience in the hospitality industry and having filled an array of managerial positions- most notably Chief Financial Officer, I can confidently affirm Custom Hospitality Systems provide outstanding product and service that contributes to the success of our growing business.

We tried and tested a variety of incongruous point of sale solutions and we were ecstatic to find Maitre’D could perfectly accommodate our specific needs and furthermore enhance management through its synergism yet simplicity, particularly evident via the Head Office Module. This solution allows all accounting, inventory and reporting to be collated in one secure remote location.

It was without hesitation that we favoured CHSPOS for our brand new ultra-modern dine in and take away Ribs and Burgers in Netural Bay. This gave us an opportunity to explore additional aspects of the Maitre’D software, with the acquisition of Clic Rewards, which is an excellent loyalty program already achieving the large customer base we desire. I have found it a pleasure dealing with CHSPOS whom always exercise extreme expertise and patience throughout their extensive support hours.”

Steven Kastoun

Meat and Wine, Ribs and Burgers:

“CHSPOS has been crucial in the management of our six Beechworth bakeries, located in Beechworth, Echuca, Albury, Bendigo, Ballarat and Healesville. Using Maitre’D’s Head Office Solution, i am able to view data and reports from all our bakeries from my office and send broadcasts with price changes, new items, and new promotions and even send messages to employees about meetings and/or reminders.

In store, the advantages exceeded my expectations, staff find the on-screen menu clear and easy to navigate, all our bakeries are operating on the same system and layout, ensuring orders are taken precisely and promptly keeping our loyal customers happy and new customers keen to return. The coffee and food screens are most successful in providing the barista and sandwich maker with a customizable summary of orders eliminating miscommunication between order-taking and preparation.

Our EFTPOS is now integrated with our cash registers which helps minimise errors and we are in the process of creating an improved customer loyalty system which is managed through Maitre’D. We have been associated with CHS management for over 8 years. The support offered by the CHSPOS technical team is outstanding and gives me the peace of mind that an expert is at hand to handle any issues or enquiries that may arise.”

Marty Matassoni

Beechworth Bakery:

Discover how Maitre’D is utilised in Thai Rock to reduce wait times, formulate business decisions based on real-time data, manage staff and inventory, and ultimately thrive as a restaurant.”

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