Main Features

Easy to use with user friendly interface

Table Managenent & Reservation

Integrated transaction processing

Powerful real-time reporting & forecasting

Inventory management

Time clock

Loyalty Programs

Online ordering 

Accounting & payroll interface

Hotel Interface (Micros/Oracel Fidelio & many more)

CCTV Integration

Kitchen display system

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Enterprise Solutions

  • Multi-concept management
  • Database & quality control
  • Broadcasting Database management
  • Global reporting with drill down capability and ability to    customise reports


Mobile Apps

  •   Key Performance Indicators   presented in a dashboard
  •   Get real-time data on sales, labor costs, voids and
  •     promotions
  •   Receive customized, real-time alerts to act immediately
  •     when required
  •   Ability to set up and monitor any number of restaurants

Return on Investment (ROI)

Our POS suite is built on the premise of helping you generate more revenue. So we focused on adding more features that can ultimately benefit your bottom line and increase your ROI.


DataBoard Mobile Application 

Our DataBoard app allows you to monitor and proactively manage your business, whether remotely, or on site.

Keep a close eye on sales, customer counts, voids, labor, costs and promotions, and compare with historical data to see how you’re doing.

Access a Wealth of real-time information and current-day reports directly on a mobile phone or tablet, and send by email directly to your inbox.

Discover how Maitre’D is utilised in Thai Rock to reduce wait times, formulate business decisions based on real-time data, manage staff and inventory, and ultimately thrive as a restaurant.”

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