Main Features

 Pricing Levels

Connection with printers, kitchen screens, menu screen & kiosks

Special offers and promotions periods.

Different taxes according to service type

Items & families customisable with photos

Combo Management

Item allergies management

T-KIOSK unattended terminal

Modifier Management

Advanced Statistics

Centralised management for multiple Stores

Cash control

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Create & Customise Your Meals and Combos

With the Hiopos Cloud POS system, you will be able to select which items and which days they will be on the menu. Create meals and combos from existing items in your database avoiding the creation of new ones each time the set menu is changed.

Increase Your Productivity With The Unattended Point Of Sale Terminal


  •   Reduce queues and waiting time
  •     Generates more sales turnover and better staff
        distribution at peak times.
  •     T-Kiosk works uninterruptedly from opening until
  •   Increase your business average selling prices
  •   T-Quiosk intelligently suggests new items to complete       customer orders

Increase Your Sales

Increase the average purchase receipt by suggesting additional products from other sources

Select Our Predefined Images

Avoid Restaurant start-up costs with our gallery of items module helping maintain a robust restaurant register 

Take Away Or Order Ahead

With the online ordering module you’ll increase the number of take away orders. The clients have access to the restaurant menu, check menu availability, place the order, choose where to pick it up, pay it by phone and you will receive the payment directly into your bank account maintaining your cash register.

Get Your Customers Attention

Hiopos Cloud eRest is a multilingual e-menu that allows to save printing cost of your daily menu. Your clients can view the menu interactively with photos, items description, ingredient information, allergy information, calories and prices. This can be access through a Kiosk type terminal or any Android tablet.

Integrate Card Payment Gateway

Link Hiopos Cloud with a PinPad device to collect payments by card. This would enable you to streamline sales and avoid manual mistakes by not having to re-type the amount of the sale on the PinPad.

Business Real Time Information

Browse your business information from any location and device with a single click thanks to KPIs, tables, cubes and graphs. With Hiopos Analytics you can compile, analyze and transform information for strategic decision making in real time.

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